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Working towards the modest goal of changing everything about the way you live, work and learn on your campus.

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Changing everything about the way you live,
work, and learn on your campus.

By measuring what you need, reporting on data and trends, and alerting on potential issues, you begin to see your campus as a dynamic environment with a performance that you can affect for positive change.

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A campus information system that brings your environment to life.

Watts, Litres, Degrees and more

Campis measures what you need, how you need it. We're currently interfacing with a large number of devices and the list is always growing. Whether your device is web based, ModbusTCP, Serial, or something new, we'll read it.

Completely Responsive

Your Campis is a fully responsive cloud based application. Every aspect of your site is designed to work across all mediums, from mobile to massive touchscreen. And because it's cloud based, we can scale with your needs.

Real Time Dashboards

Your Campis contains dashboards created and customized to your needs, reporting data in real time about the performance of your campus. Dynamic alerts are always running, letting you know of any potential issues.

Components of your installation.

Campis Cloud is comprised of four main components.

Measurement Devices

We’re currently measuring energy consumption, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, temperature, renewable energy production, humidity, wind direction, rainfall, water consumption, and irradiance. And we’re just getting started.

Our design not only abstracts the measurement device away from the measurement, but the method of communication as well. In short, whether the device is ModbusRTU, ModbusTCP, BACnet, or web based (JSON, SOAP) we're already speaking the language.

Not only will we help you through the process of planning your field of measurements, we can also build to custom devices to monitor whatever you need.

Internal Engine

We centralize communication of all measurements to a single point in your network. Reducing traffic and complexity, a Campis computer is placed on premises, and becomes responsible for succesfully transferring data to your cloud based storage.

The engine not only acts the main communication device, but also acts as a secondary storage, making sure that we're still recording information, even in the case of an internet outage. When your ISP connection comes back online, the engine brings the cloud back up to date.

Do you have multiple campuses in your organization that don't share the same network? We can deploy multiple engines for a single installation, with each engine providing data to the same unified data store.

Cloud Based Storage

Above all else, data rules. We won't rollup data, summarize, or force you to widen granulairity over time, and this is one of the key differentiators with Campis Cloud. We use a combination of SQL and Table (NoSQL) storage to host data, keeping track of everything, always, forever.

During the design phase of the project, we'll work with you to define your measurement field, helping you understand how and what to measure, and how often.

Your data is redundantly stored across three devices in single data center, and then asynchronously transferred to a seperate geographical location, where it is again stored in three redundant devices.

Web Application

Your campus is unique, and so are your requirements. Your web application is built upon a scalable cloud framework, always on, and always performant, giving you a completely customized experience.

Your site is built specifically for you, dashbords, pages, analysis, and security. You'll exist in our domain (, but your site is your own. You'll receive the training to add devices & alerting, create and delete users, investigage analytics and more.

Your online site is served completely over https. Not only will you decide the pages are available to the general public, but you can also define different levels of viewing for different registered users.

Design and Implementation process

Every succesful project is a partnership. We work with you to discover your requirements, design the implementation, help you install the measurement devices, provide training for administration and use, and can even provide STEM curriculum, helping you turn your entire campus into a teaching tool.

Audit & Discovery

We work with you to understand the goals of your new information system, and to gain a full understanding of your current infrastructure. We'll establish baseline metrics of your current environment, and provide an application that can deliver quantifiable results.

Planning & Development

Development of your application follows an iterative cycle, allowing for your input and modification along the way, always making sure that your Campis is meeting your goals. During this phase we build out against an active test data reposioty, allowing you to interact with your application from the beginning.

Physical Installation & Testing

We're onsite with you & working with the trades, installing the measurement devices throughout your campus. Your measuremnt field is brought online and tested against your newly installed Campis engine.

Training & Curriculum

The final stage of the implementation process provides you with the tools and knowledge for administration of the application, and the curriculua to help present your campus as a powerful tool in place-based learning.

Our current installations

The best way to see if Campis Cloud is right for you is to see it in action. We have a live demo site allowing you to explore pages and dashboards. If you'd like to see the reporting, alerting and setup features, please contact us for a live demo.

Campis Cloud
The Island School

Highlights of your Campis

A breif list of some of the highlights you can expect from your Campis system.


Reporting is completely dynamic, allowing you to define the range, granuliairity, and measurements at runtime.


Your data is stored at a level of granulairity that you need, and is always available for your reporting.


From the smallest mobile device, to the largest touch screen, Campis is ready for all formats.

Cloud Based

Your data and your web application are in the cloud, scalable, secure, constantly monitored, and always backed up.

Place Based Learning

With curriculum available for STEM courses, your campus becomes one of your most powerful teaching tools.

Utility Savings

With realtime feedback, gamifying energy savings, and alerting for issues, you can lower your monthly utility cost.


Your application is served completely over https, locked down where you need it, and open where you want it.


Custom alerting allows you constantly monitor your campus for any issues.

Contact us for more

We're ready to answer any questions that you may have, and are happy to schedule a walkthrough of the live demo for you.

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If you include a brief description of the campus that you'd like to discuss, and your intended goals, we'll be able to better address your questions.

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